What Gets You Up In The Morning

By Pete Heiniger | January 12, 2018

What is your passion, what lights your fire…what gets you motivated and excited?

When you go through a Wild at Heart Group or Captivating Group – it doesn’t take long for you to realize that we all have this strong desire for more…for adventure that flows deep within us. Yet, many times we allow life and circumstances to quench that flame and rob us of joy and excitement.

We can spend years just falling into routine and missing out on the abundant life Jesus promised us. Before we know it…we can look back and wonder where all that time went.

When we read the Bible…we find many men and women who were not perfect..who truly sinned and sinned often, but who when they put their faith in God and owned their sins…found joy and adventure in the story God called them into.

Abraham could not have a son. No matter how much he tried, he was helpless. But, God then approached him and made him a promise. Abraham, instead of putting his faith in his own flesh…trusted God and God’s promised became a reality.

That promise was no small thing: All nations would be blessed by Abraham!

Wow. That’s a pretty significant adventure.

But, if you look at his life – you’ll find that he struggled with faith from time to time. He sinned and didn’t always do what God desired. Yet, because he owned that and kept his faith in God – that promise was fulfilled. In fact, Jesus became the ultimate fulfillment of that promise. What an adventure ride…his offspring would one day lead to a savior that would save the world from sin and death!

We serve that same God…who does not ask perfection of us. He simply wants us to own our mistakes and put our trust in him and not ourselves or other people. History proves over and over again – that when women and men put their trust in God, regardless of their own shortcomings, God shows up and an abundant life full of hope becomes a reality!

Putting God and others as your focus…and not your life and its circumstances is hard to do, but if you try, imperfect as that effort might be, you’ll find hope and joy in this life.

Author | Pete Heiniger

Pete is the Communications Director at DCC. He has lived in over ten states but returned his Colorado native wife, Shara, to her home state after 18 years away. They are the proud parents of 5 daughters! On a perfect day, you’ll find Pete smoking a cigar or sitting around a campfire with his family- often both!

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