I Fought The Law

By Pete Heiniger | February 16, 2018

Well, some of the most memorized verses that those of us who grew up in church or VBS…are Romans 3:23 and Romans 6:23. We’re familiar with the idea that All have sinned…and that the wages of those sins…are death!

And most of us when we hear words like “law” or “rules” we just get all funked up! It’s like nails on the chalkboard. What? You mean rules and regulations…uggghhhh…like legalism!!!!

But, if you’re like me, you might not have given much thought behind all that Paul is trying to tell us there.

So…let’s think about it a bit deeper.

You know I have 5 daughters and two of them are driving now. Let’s pretend..that some of them speed. That is, they exceed the posted speed limit. Now, neither of them have probably thought of the fact that regardless of whether they get caught by women or men in blue….they have crossed a line. They are law breakers. It doesn’t matter if they get caught…and all it takes is once.

So, while the law condemns them…convicts them….it can do little else, right? The law cannot make them innocent or declare them innocent, right? All the law does is point a finger at us and tell us that we’re guilty. And all it takes is once…and we are forever a law breaker.

Paul wants us to know that everyone has sinned…and that unfortunately the penalty for just one sin…is death – we are dead in our sin. Spiritually dead.

But, that’s all the law can do…is sit across from us and point a finger at us and declare judgment against us.

Well…that’s a bummer! Pete, stop being such a Debbie Downer!

Okay, okay…I’ve got some good news.

While Paul tells us that we all fought the Law and the Law won!

He also tells us that Jesus swooped in and when he was killed, buried, and then he arose…he grabbed the Law’s crooked finger and snapped it off! In that one act…and our identifying with it…remember when we are baptized, Romans 6 (Paul) says that we are buried with him in baptism and raised out of the water to newness of life.

What does that mean? It means that Jesus looks the Law square in the eyes and declares us NOT GUILTY…we’re innocent.

So, as Jesus followers…and while we’ve all sinned…Jesus comes in and pays our debt…and gives us a new life in Him!

Hot Darn! That’s good news!

Author | Pete Heiniger

Pete is the Communications Director at DCC. He has lived in over ten states but returned his Colorado native wife, Shara, to her home state after 18 years away. They are the proud parents of 5 daughters! On a perfect day, you’ll find Pete smoking a cigar or sitting around a campfire with his family- often both!

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