Greg & Stacy’s Story

By dccadmin | November 7, 2017

In case you missed it this past weekend, here is a video of Greg and Stacy sharing their story and how it almost crushed their marriage. But God showed up and turned their story of pain and hurt into a story of hope…something all of us need!

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Steve Eller

Such a great video! Proud that our church isn’t afraid to “go there” with difficult stories and provide a safe place to share it and walk through it.

Greg Marksberry

So blessed and touched by your story Greg and Stacey. Thank you for having the courage not to give up and to keep telling what God has brought you through. Much love and respect!

Kathleen Hall

Stacy is the true hero behind their life story. She has the strength of a thousand women! I will always love and treasure this friend!

omg. I am in awe..i didn’t expect to shed tears this early :O) I went through the exact same thing and sadly we just pushed it aside, husband worked for the church and we went on like nothing had happened. This ultimately ended our marriage because in the back of my mind, it was still present and fresh. Boy there is no pain like this one but ANYTHING can be overcome! I know God has reason for everything. Thank you for sharing such a deep, intense story such as this and showing the world, yes you are human! May God… Read more »